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Shito Ryu Kbk Intl was founded by Shihan Haridas Govind & Sensei Venugopal. Shihan Haridas has been training in Shito Ryu Karate since more than 3 decades. Based in India this institution has embarked upon the journey of propogating Karate Do and is affiliated to Nihon Karate Do Kenwa Kai Intl. under training, advice and guidance of the legendary Master Hanshi Katsutaka Tanaka (9 dan). 

       Shihan Haridas Govind
                  Chief Instructor India

Shihan Haridas is the head of Shito Ryu Karate Do KBK Intl. He holds a 7 Dan in Karate and is the Technical Director & Chief instructor for Kenwa Kai India & Hodo Ryu Kobudo India as appointed by Hanshi Katsutaka Tanaka. in Feb 2020 he passed the WKF Kata Judge B exam and was awarded his WKF judge badge and license. He is a National Referee Commission member of Karate India Organisation (KIO) since Jan 2022

Hanshi Katsutaka Tanaka
President and World Head 

Nihon Karate Do Kenwa Kai Intl.

Hanshi Katsutaka Tanaka is the President of Nihon Karate Do Kenwa Kai Intl.He is a 9th Dan. He has been researching and teaching Karate for over 50 years. His list of achievements are very long. He has trained many world champions and has also held the highest referee licenses of the World Karate Federation. Hanshi Tanaka is also the president of HODO RYU KOBUDO and he is famous for his practical approach to Kobudo an demonstrations.

    Shihan Suhel Dhayagude
    Senior Instructor

Shihan Suhel has been a state and national champion in Kata and Kumite multiple times. He holds a 5th Dan in Karate and 3rd Dan in Hodo Ryu Kobudo. He has been learning and  teaching Karate under guidance of Shihan Haridas since last 2011 in Shito Ryu KBK. He is currently the General Secretary of Shito Ryu KBK in India

       Sempai Aniket Satav

Sempei Aniket is a 3rd dan in Shito Ryu and has been training in various martial arts for a long time.  He started his Karate training in Shotokan. After his meeting with Shihan Haridas, Sempei Aniket has been learning Shito Ryu Karate and Hodo Ryu Kobudo from him. 


Sempei Aniket teaches Karate in Pune under Shito Ryu KBK banner.

          Sensei Victor Lartey
           Chief Instructor in Ghana

Sensei Victor has been a very successful Karate Athlete from Ghana. He has been the Ghana  National Champion in Kata multiple times. He has won the ECOWAS ( 12 countries) championship Kata First position 4 times.During Shihan Haridas stay in Ghana he has trained under him and represents Shito Ryu Kensho Bugei Kai Intl in Ghana and Africa. He is the Chief instructor and Chief Examiner for Shito Ryu KBK Ghana


Sensei Victor Lartey made all of us at Shito Ryu KBK proud as he represented Ghana in the individual Kata event of the WKF world seniors championship @ Linz, Austria. Kudos to Sensei Victor Lartey. Shihan Haridas and all the team and members of Shito Ryu KBK join together in wishing Sensei Victor all the success in the times to come


Shihan Jayesh Srambikkal has been appointed as Chief for Shito Ryu KBK Kerala state branch
updates to be published on website soon

Sagar Jadhav & Nikhil Chavan
Instructors  for PCMC ( Pune )

Sempei Sagar Jadhav & Sensei Nikhil Chavan have been training diligenty

under Shihan Haridas Govind. They are part of the team of Instructors in Shito Ryu KBK for Pimpri Chinchwad region. They are also training in Hodo Ryu Kobudo under Shihan Haridas and are instructors under his mentorship

They were awarded their 2nd Dan by Hanshi Katsutaka Tanaka in nov 2019

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